if you’re still looking for a homura nendo there’s a pre owned on amiami right now for 2980 yen! and amiami doesn’t come with GSC pre order bonuses ; w;

I just bought one for $40 off someone on MFC D: But I am tempted to buy the pre-owned Banpresto SQ Sayaka and Sonico on there tho. ;A; I want to get the whole set of madoka banpresto figures, I already have homura and im so impressed with how nice she looks for a prize figure

the thing with manda is there’s lots of different stores so sometimes you’ll pay 2 separate lots of shipping because both items are from different shops, amiami is usually my first pick these days mostly because i pile on the pre orders *-*

Yeah! When i was trying to order a homura nendo from manda, I added another figure in just because it wasnt too much more and they were from the same shop. unfortunately, the nendo wasnt there so the order was cancelled. How’s amiami for preorders? Like when you preorder a GSC figure from amiami, does it come with the GSC pre-order bonus? <w> i’ve always wondered what the difference was

i get all my figures from either amiami, (new and preowned) manda or the goodsmile online shop (they have a $20 flat fee for shipping no matter how much you buy) manda isnt too great for buying small things ; w;

ohhh ok thank you~ ;w; i usually just buy a figure at a time.. so maybe manda isnt the best choice. i’ve been wanting to order something from amiami; and im sure one day i’ll preorder something from goodsmile *-* ive heard goodsmile is great because they’ll send you replacement parts if you break stuff.

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mandas shipping is crazy i bought a nendo petite from them and they packed it in a box you could send a regular nendo in and shipping was like $15 (also plus the surcharge)

god damn maybe i’ll just cancel the order then. I always assume shipping from japan is going to be ~$10; but if it’s anymore than that then ehhh.. its not worth it.
where do you usually buy your figures? The only place i’ve bought mine from is MFC and everyone there is so nice ;A;

commission me so i can buy anime figures (b’w’)b

this took like an hour longer than it should have

also wow look at this progress

spewin’ bs

i love the klk ost so so so much wow